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Rizhi Intelligent Manufacturing, Set Sail In 2020

Date:2020-01-10 15:30:49         Browse :

New Year, New Start

Rizhi members work together to achieve good results

We honor with a glory and dream

Looking forward to 2020 Rizhi high-tech enterprises set sail

We pay tribute to the persistence and hard work in 2019 with a true growth philosophy

We reunited together after leaving the old welcome day. Rizhi is a beautiful home, with grass and flowers, birds and flowers, and clear springs. That is because we have the most lovely Rizhi members.

Facing the storm, smile at the sea. Rizhi's rapids poured in during the economic crisis, and the hard sweat was shining in the sun, and the years have concentrated our strength. Facing the rising sun, let your dreams fly. Rizhi's aspirations gallop in the vast world, and the future is a rainbow road. We work in beautiful gardens. Rizhi's flag flutters on the way forward, the flag guides us, and we work together to make Rizhi's construction even more brilliant.

With the construction of Rizhi, let our heart be like a mirror and we move forward.

Rizhi's culture, let us go forward and struggle. The spirit of the log, let us pioneer and innovate, and seek common development. The idea of the log allows us to forge ahead and be self-motivated. Every effective execution is a kind of progress! Every little progress is inseparable from the spirit of innovation.

We gather with joy of success in 2019,

We sing with happiness and hope for 2020. We sing and dance with the rich harvest of 2019, and we set sail with joy in 2020.