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Do You Think Color of Edge Conveyor Belt has an Impact on Performance

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In general, color of Edge Conveyor Belt has little effect on performance.

The color of edge Transmission belt is sometimes customized according to customer needs. This general customer has a large order volume.

Sometimes, the batch is done well, but the customer has no choice

Detailed introduction of Climbing Conveyor Belt:

Climbing conveyor belts is a kind of conveyor belt. The conveyor of the climbing conveyor belt is suitable for the continuous transportation of goods in buildings or between slopes. If the conflict of the bottom edge of the product is large, a non-slip belt with a pattern on the surface can be selected; a large-inclined climbing conveyor must add a partition and a skirt on the belt.

Optional raw materials for the frame: alloy steel, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy profile.

Selection of belt materials: PVC, PU, Rubber, Teflon.

Available positions for climbing conveyor belts: light industry, electronic devices, food, chemical plants, wood processing plants, machinery and equipment

Application characteristics of climbing conveyor belt: The conveyor is stable in transportation, and there is no relative movement between the raw material and the conveyor belt, which can prevent damage to the conveyed material. Low noise, suitable for places with quiet working environment regulations. Simple structure, conducive to maintenance. Low energy consumption and low application cost.

The materials of climbing conveyor belt are: white canvas belt (or nylon belt), plastic belt, antistatic PVC belt, rubber (rubber strip with stainless steel wire is used for heavy materials), metal mesh belt, etc.

The angle of the climbing belt conveyor belt: It is not recommended to exceed 13 degrees. If it exceeds 13 degrees, you need to lift the barrier on the surface of the belt or the belt must choose a grass belt that contains conflicts. Box-gluer belts In the manufacture of climbing conveyor belts, it is generally necessary to raise the guardrails on the waist sides of the conveyors or lift the edges on the sides of the belts to prevent the blocks from falling during the entire transportation process.

Process of commissioning climbing conveyor belt:

(1) After installation of each equipment, carefully adjust the belt conveyor to meet the requirements of the sample drawings.

(2) Each reducer and the moving parts are filled with relative lubricating oil.

(3) After the belt conveyor is installed to meet the requirements, each machine and equipment will perform manual work trial operation, and the belt conveyor will be adjusted to achieve satisfactory results.

(4) Commissioning the electrical equipment of the belt conveyor. Including the adjustment of the wiring and operation of basic electrical equipment, photovoltaic belts make the equipment have excellent functions, and reach the functions and conditions of the design plan.