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Rizhi Transmission of Power System (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was established in 2004.Innovation,creation,Improving the core competitiveness of enterprise are our tireless pursuits.Rizhi Power is a Chinese enterprise which devote to research and development,produce and furthe  processingof conveyor belt.Rizhi Power owns intellectual property,research and development and production  base.We aredeveloped from two big brands,German brand the Optibelt and Netherlands brand Ammeraal Beltch.

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What kind of decorative designs do the conveyor belts have? Grip face,herringbone,positive rhomboid,pillow,stipple top,inverted triangle,horseshoe,sawtooth,round ship spots,diamound impression,random pattern,fabric structure,big nipple top,golf,wavegrip,washboard,interrib, longitudinal,big squre,matte,sand