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How to use narrow-width Finger Punching Machine to Wide Conveyor Belts

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I believe everyone has encountered such a problem. You only have a conveyor belting finger punching with an effective width of 1 meter, but now you need to hit a belt with a width of 2 meters or even 3 meters.

Big trouble is coming, you need to align 1 meter of the 3 meter wide belt on the finger punching machine and then tooth, after it is done, tear this equal off the tooth plate, and then re-align the tooth, then hit the next One meter, it is annoying.

It takes two or three pairs of teeth to hit a belt. After the entire belt is hit, when you put it on the joint machine, it may be due to your negligence that a certain tooth cannot be neatly tidy and may become a scrap . Wasting money and energy in vain is not worth doing.

Now, our workers' friends (Shanghai Rizhi Power) are running their brains quickly, using their ingenuity, and making a small change on the finger punching machine to change this embarrassing and tired situation. Just add a support frame to each end of the gear machine so that the tooth plate can be as long as you need, and then make a long tooth plate to align the strap on the tooth plate. In this way, you can easily use a small gear machine to play broadband. I hope this small change can help your work.

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