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How to Prevent Felt Conveyor Belt Scratches

Date:2021-10-07 14:26:09         Browse :

Are you still worrying about scratches when conveying materials? Let SCplus Conveyor Belt help you.


SCplus specializes in the production of felt belts. The felt conveyor belt has a soft surface. In the process of transportation, the felt can effectively protect the material from being scratched.

Some materials will be scratched during transportation, especially some materials that are easy to be scratched. For example: mobile phone screens, electronic components, circuit boards, ceramic products, etc. Ordinary conveyor belts have a hard surface. If the material is also complex, it is easy to cause friction between the material and the conveyor belt, which may scratch the material.


SCplus transmission belt solution: ordinary conveyor belts do not work; use felt conveyor belts. Felt conveyor belts are different from regular conveyor belts. Felt also has specific antistatic properties. Because of their characteristics, felt belts are also widely used in the electronics industry. The felt conveyor belt has another factor, which is cutting resistance because the thought on the surface can also convey some materials with sharp corners.


If your materials are easily scratched, please use the felt conveyor belt produced by SCplus to solve the problem of material transportation scratches.