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Conveyor Belt Innovation focuses on Felt Belts development-Rizhi Belt

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Innovating, creating and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises is our tireless pursuit.

Log Power is a domestic enterprise specializing in R&D, production and deep processing of conveyor belts. Has an independent intellectual property, research and development and production base.

We started with the agent: Optibelt in Germany and Ammeraal Beltch in the Netherlands. In the course of more than 10 years of operation, practice tells us:

Excellent product quality, professional product knowledge, expanded product understanding, on-site application understanding, and data service concept

It is the last word to seize the market and get the customer's approval.

and so:

Our research and development is not limited to the existing ones in China, and we will not catch up with Europe and the United States when the foundation is not well-played. We are higher than reality based on reality;

Our production will not win with low price, low quality, nor luxury luxury, customers say that good is the most suitable;

Our processing is not stopped when you can do it, nor can it be done for a few people. We will make our own soul and life. If I am good, I will be better and worse. I will improve it.

Our sales are not just talking with our mouths. They pay more attention to the needs of customers, the sharing of experiences, and the use of data analysis.

Our network is not just a platform for advertising, it is not just a window for sales. We hope to show more application knowledge in the industry and give you a bright surprise.

Our foreign trade is not just about earning foreign exchange, but also telling foreigners, "We Chinese people"


 Our market:

Starting from the paper and tire industries, the current product range covers all industries: paper, printing and packaging, postal, tire rubber, photovoltaic, logistics airports, agricultural machinery, cement profiles, livestock machinery, coal, steel, wind, food, Textile, automotive, stone processing, glass processing, etc.


Our product range:

V-belt, timing belt, multi-ribbed belt, wide-angle belt, round belt series

TC polyester tape, base tape, spindle tape, and dragon belt series are extremely replaceable products.

Felt conveyor belt, logistics conveyor belt, silicone conveyor belt, canvas conveyor belt, green cloth synchronous conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, PE conveyor belt series


Our development history:

Established in 2004, represented the optibelt series in 2006, and represented the Ammeraal Beltch series in 2010;

In 2011, Log Dynamic established its own laboratory, combined with the valuable experience of the industry leader, conducted in-depth research and development of various products, and was widely recognized by the market; in 2012, the log power cooperation established an annual production capacity of 8,000 Wan's new factory is now able to produce a wide range of products including light conveyor belts, heavy conveyor belts and power belts. We specialize in helping our customers optimize their conveyor drive systems.


Optibelt introduces:

Germany Optibelt is a world-famous transmission belt manufacturer. Founded in 1872, it is headquartered in Heckert, Germany and has a production history of more than 130 years. With 5 factories in Europe, its products have passed ISO9001 quality certification and enjoy high reputation worldwide. The main products are ordinary V-belt VB, narrow V-belt SK, combined V-belt KB, hexagonal belt DK, multi-ribbed belt RB, red dragon belt RED POWER, rubber timing belt HP, polyurethane timing belt ALPHA, etc.


Ammeraal Beltch introduces:

Amala products include conveyor belts, UNI-CHAINS module belts, RAPPLON high performance flat belts, timing belts, seamless belts, custom belts, PEAK series PTFE coated belts and Silicone coated belts, Soliflex homogenized belts, Ammeraal Beltch Through its international growth and expansion program, Amala has brought its products and services to more than 150 countries and regions around the world, thanks to its extensive sales network.

We are commissioned by Ammeraal Beltch (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to recruit agents for Ammeraal Beltch in all regions. We will provide pre-agent training and guidance for you! Welcome to join us

Our own products:


S=CPLUS series products include: special process requirements conveyor belt, felt belt, PVK conveyor belt, silicone belt, canvas conveyor belt, polyester belt, base belt, PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, rubber timing belt , polyurethane timing belt, etc. Our products have reached a high level in the industry. We hope that our product S=CPLUS can bring you more market space and better use effect. We hope that our service can solve practical problems for you.

We can provide you with:


Coiled ring belt Pre-opening tape for field bonding Self-processable full-volume opening tape

Conveyor belt with perforated or adhesive strips, baffles

Mechanical button joint plastic buckle

Tooth joint grinding (grinding head infinite width) layered joint cold joint stitching longitudinal joint, etc.

Log Power leads the new concept of conveyor drives! Superior industrial belts ensure your productivity and efficiency.

Logging power helps you make the most of your performance and enjoy it.