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What are performance characteristics of felt conveyor belt

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Commonly used in the felt industry, it is made of wool, and it is also made of beef wool or fiber. The main features are flexible, which can be used as a material for shockproof, sealed, gasketed and elastic wire felts. Used in various industrial machinery - anti-vibration, oil lubrication, anti-friction and other industries.


Felt Belt Making Method

Felt Belts production process: wool - screening (picking out the leather in the wool) - opening the hair (opening the purchased wool) - lifting (extracting impurities) - carbonization - drying or drying - Carding (treated by carding machine)--laying (laying the wool into a mesh).Extruded felt (flattened by felting machine)--felt felt (secondary treatment felt density and cross force)--bleaching (adjusting the felt color to customer requirements is generally about 6 hours)--drying-- Quality inspection - drying - high temperature setting - anti-mite treatment - felt block products or felt pads - felt strips and other felt products - quality inspection - storage - factory.


Felt Belt Maintenance Method

1.Wash with cold water.

2.Felt products should not be bleached.

3.Choose a neutral lotion marked with a pure wool logo and no bleach.

4.Wash by hand, do not use the washing machine, so as not to damage the shape.

5.When cleaning, use light hand pressure, the dirty part only needs to be gently washed, do not 6.brush with brush.

7.Washing with shampoo and moisturizing reduces the appearance of the raised ball.

8.After the cleaning is completed, hang it in a ventilated place and dry it naturally. For drying, 9.please use low temperature drying.


Felt Performance Characteristics

Felt Conveyor Belt is a product that is often used in life. The use rate of felt is getting higher and higher, and the number of felt manufacturers is increasing. However, many people have little knowledge and understanding of felt. The felt is made of wool. The use of processing and bonding, the following describes the performance characteristics of the felt:

  1. Due to the compact density of the felt, it is more stable and can be stamped to produce various felt parts. The felt has good flexibility and can reach the specified length and can be used for leather rolling belt and paper suction belt. The felt has good thermal insulation and can be made into a felt insole;
  2. It is flexible and can be used as a material for shockproof, sealing, gasketing and elastic wire felt. Good adhesion, not easy to loose, can be die-cut into parts of various shapes;
  3. Good insulation performance, can be used as thermal insulation material. Compact structure, small pores, can be used as a good filter material;
  4. Good wear resistance, can be used as polishing material. Therefore, it is bonded by the shrinking principle. After the shrinking and bonding, the density and the size can be used separately;
  5. The felt is moisturizing and elastic, and can be made into automobile door and window sealing strip, central door and window seal;
  6. It is not woven, so its filterability is good for oil absorption. Most of the underside of the ship's oil drums are made of felt to keep the ship clean. The machine parts are packed with felt for high whiteness and good shock resistance. Silencing, according to the size of the felt can modulate the sound rate of the instrument;
  7. High temperature resistance: The highest temperature resistance is 100 °C. Generally -10 ° C - 80 ° C;
  8. Chemical resistance: generally weak acid and alkali, resistant to general chemical reagents;
  9. Tensile force: Under the condition of 0.5% elongation, the belt can work normally within the tensile force of 10KG/CM. Maximum tensile force 20KG/CM bandwidth;
  10. Connector method: generally toothed joint, but also oblique joint or steel joint;
  11. Scope of application: It is applicable to the transportation of objects to be protected on the surface of copper clad laminates, integrated sheets, automobile steel sheets, refrigerator shells, paper making, glass, etc.;
  12. The felt is moisturizing and elastic and can be made into automobile door and window seals and central door and window seals. It does not use warp-knitted filters, but it can be used for oil absorption. Most of the oil drums under the drums are made of felt to keep the ship clean. The machine parts are packed with felt for high whiteness, good shock resistance and silence. The sound rate of the instrument can be modulated by the size of the felt.


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