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What is Industrial Wire Rope Conveyor Belt

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Conveyor Belt plays a very important role in industrial production and is an important part of industrial product pipeline transmission. Because different industrial scenarios may have different transmission needs, so many Conveyor Belting with different properties have been born, which are wear-resistant. , Waterproof, cold resistant, high temperature resistant, etc.

Conveyor Belt, also known as Transmission Belt, is a rubber and fiber, metal composite product used for carrying and transporting materials in a belt conveyor belts, or a composite product of plastic and fabric. Belt conveyors are widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation industry to transport various solid block and powder materials or finished items. The conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency and large inclination transportation. The conveyor belt is safe to operate and Transtex Belting is used Convenient, easy maintenance, low freight, and can shorten the transportation distance, reduce project cost, save manpower and material resources.

Classified by industry: automotive industry, leisure food, aquaculture industry, tire industry, logistics industry, chemical industry, frozen food, food conveyor, microwave conveyor, climbing conveyor, marble conveyor, corrugated conveyor belt, packaging Industry-specific conveyor belts, entertainment facilities, liquid foods, fruits and vegetables, vegetables, meat conveyors, mines, cement plants, glass plants, injection molding industries and other automated production lines

According to the use: anti-oil, anti-skid, climbing, anti-acid, anti-heat, anti-cold, anti-flame, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, anti-low temperature conveyor belt, anti-high temperature, oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance Acid and alkali, flame retardant conveyor belt. By material: PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, PE conveyor belt, PVK conveyor belt, silicone conveyor belt, canvas conveyor belt, rubber conveyor belt, felt conveyor belt, polyethylene conveyor belt, plastic chain plate conveyor belt, modular mesh conveyor belt , Polypropylene conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt, stainless steel conveyor belt.

Temperature-resistant conveyor belt: The conventional conveyor belt is generally below 100 degrees Celsius; the maximum temperature resistance is up to 600 degrees.

Cold resistant conveyor belt: conventional conveyor belt is generally below -10 degrees Celsius; the minimum temperature resistance is up to -40 degrees Celsius

Conveyor belts play a very critical role in industrial production. They are important parts for industrial product assembly line transmission. Because different industrial scenarios may have different transmission needs, many conveyor belts with different performances have been born. Waterproof, cold-resistant and high-temperature resistant.