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Which Conveyor Belt Can Be Used In Food Industry

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Food Conveyor belt are widely used in food processing. The food industry is a very large industry, including meat processing, vegetables, confectionery, pasta baking and so on. Their processing can be divided into four major processing procedures: rough processing, finishing, packaging, and transportation. In these different programs, which Food Conveyor Belts of Rizhi Transmission are used, Rizhi made a detailed analysis.

1. Rough processing – Food Conveyor Belt

In the rough processing stage, the environment is relatively poor and the transportation volume is generally large. This requires the conveyor belt to have strong durability and high strength. For example, in the picking and sorting of vegetables, 3-5mm high-strength PVC conveyor belt are generally used. Because the weight of fruits and vegetables will be very large. For some special fruits, the conveyor belt needs to be modified. PVC belt products are also easy to modify.

2.Finishing – Food Conveyor Belt

Later in the finishing stage, the conveyor belt will directly contact the product, so the conveyor belt must strictly meet the food-grade requirements. Otherwise, it will pollute the food during the production process, which is harmful to the health of consumers. Therefore, most of the finishing stage will use PU conveyor belt and PE conveyor belt. For example, in the baking category, most of the bread, buns, and steamed bread production lines are mainly PU conveyor belts, and the colors generally used are white and blue.

PVC conveyor belt


In the packaging stage, there will be food packaging procedures and carton packaging procedures, all of which need to be applied to the conveyor belt. There are many types of packaging equipment, and the corresponding conveyor belts become abundant. There are PU conveyor belts that meet the requirements of food grade, and there are also high-speed transmission timing belt sheet base belts, as well as carton packaging air-permeable belts, and ordinary PVC conveyor belt.


Finally, the products will be delivered to various retail customers through logistics. In the logistics industry, large-scale logistics sorting centers will use a large number of conveyor belts, and the logistics conveyor belt mainly uses flame-retardant PVK conveyor belts. PVC conveyor belts are mainly suitable for small logistics points.

PU conveyor belt

In the food industry, Food Conveyor Belts are ubiquitous, and they are widely used in production, transportation, and sales. The above is a summary of the application of conveyor belts in the food industry. Rizhi Transmission is a domestic enterprise specialized in the development, production and deep processing of conveyor belts. Have independent intellectual property rights, research and development and production bases. Rizhi focus on Food Conveyor Belt for more than 10 years. Regardless of quality requirements or processing techniques, Rizhi treats every process very strictly. If you want to know more about food conveyor belt, please contact us.