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2.2mm PU Conveyor Belt Food Grade Ammeraal Beltech

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PU conveyor belt

1. Brand:Ammeraal

2. Material:PU

3. Thickness:2.2mm

4. Conveyor belt type:Skirt belt

5. Product model:E8/2u222A2

Product Performance

Wear-resistance, oil-resistance, nonpoisonous and sanitary,and easy to clean.

Subsequent machining technology:It can add baffle,skirt,sponge,guide bar.

Characteristics of baffle conveyor belt

1. Increase the transmission angle

2. less occupied area, less investment

3. large conveying capacity, higher conveying height

4. It can smooth transit from horizontal to tilt(vertica)

5. It is suitable to convey powder, granule, small lump and liquid

6. low energy consumption, simple construction, high strength, long service life

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