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Wholesale Price White/Gray Felt Polishing Belt Conveyor for Cutting Machine​

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Novo Felt Conveyor Belt NN-17E/R40CT, Wear Resistant, Antistatic, Heat resistant

Description:1-10mm Thinckness Novo Felt conveyor belt 

Structure:smooth surface PVC/ bottom polyester cloth

Weight: 2.7KG/ square meters
Tensile strength: 170N/mm
Minimum wheel diameter: customized
Working temperature: -10 degrees ~150 degrees


The maximum width: less than 3000mm

Color: green,white,black, other colors can be customized according to specialsamples

 1.Product advantages:
       Excellent high conductivity
       High fixed elongation strength, low elongation of the belt in use, which improves the stability of the belt;
       The surface is made of soft material with good abrasion resistance, which ensures the flatness of the product during the conveying and cutting process.
gh impact resistance to prevent falls due to impact
       Good breathability, can absorb air, prevent the product from floating during transportation due to lightness

    2.Industry application:
       Double-sided felt belts are used in: tire conveyor belts, logistics conveyors, metal plates, castings conveyors, etc.

    3.Novo Belting Application:

       Material: synthetic fiber
r type: endless conveyor
       Applicable environment: wear-resistant, anti-static, non-slip, cut-resistant

Conveyor Felt Belt

    • Resistance to wear, cut, heat resistance; non-soiling surface, semi-rigid under pressure.