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How to install Fabric Conveyor Belt by 8 steps

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Step one

Load felt on the machine

Grey Felt Conveyor Belt should be passed through the bottom roller and the two teeth are well placed on another side of the cutting table to facilitate subsequent joints.

Step Two:

Good pressure on the tooth

After aligning Flexible Conveyor Belt,

Heavy weight press on both sides of the felt tooth opening prevent slippage.

Step Three, Glue

Apply glue evenly around the teeth. Please be careful. Put some waste paper under the glue when applying glue.

In case prevent the glue from leaking to the table and blocking the suction port.

Step Four tooth bonding

After the glue is applied, press the two sides of the teeth and press them to flatten.

Step five, Please make sure that the pressure teeth are neat

Be sure to align the teeth and teeth to prevent deviation after the joint.

Step Six, hot pressing

Put the extra long Teflon cloth under the joint and adjust the industrial iron to 80 degrees for preheating. After the preheating/warm up, the rectangular Teflon cloth is placed on the iron and ironed should be back and forth on the teeth.

Step Seven, chiseling/make the joint flat

Use some hard objects to help us remove the glue remaining on the teeth and make the teeth flat.

Step eight, edge banding

Stick the edge banding cloth to the left and right sides of the joint and heat it with an Flat iron.

Thats whole process of felt joints, can do it simple.

Come on and try it by yourself.