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Installation procedure of Thermal transfer felt- Rizhibelt

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一、Disassemble the parts.

Tear down the Nuts,Roller and other parts.


二、Remove the two sides of the motor and some parts

Open the door of chassis on both side,disassemble motors and other parts.So that take out the roller.


三、Take out the roller.

Take out the roller that needs to be disassembled.


四、Unloading felt.

After disassembling the roller,install new felt replacing the old one.


五、Installation of auxiliary roller

  After replacing felt,install the auxiliary roller originally to the specified position.


六、Fix the parts.

After the felt is installed, fix the nuts and other accessories.



After completing the above steps, you can start the machine to debug.Open the boot, the felt turns forward and backward. Close the volume, unwind the roll. Warm up every 2 hours,idling,120,150,80,230,240,tap slightly after warming up,when there is a little relaxation,slightly repeated tension. After idling for 10 hours,If the requirements are higher, then continue to idle,The longer the heating time, the effect more stable.Always observe the machine's correcting device,and be sure to keep it running straight. Once the temperature is high, the felt is basically shaped,Its not easy to adjust the deviation.Its better to observe at any time within 10 hours. TipsButter can be used to remove rust at 300 for Maintenance.



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