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Imported Optibelt VB Classial V-belts Type D

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Optibelt VB Classical V-Belts BS 3790 and DNI 2215


Optibelt VB Classical V-belts are manufactured using the same production processes as 

those for Optibelt SK wedge belts.The components used are perfectly suited to the power 

rating PN.These values are significantly higher than those quoted in BS 3790 or DIN 2218 

and therefore offer greater factor of safety on critical drives and power-based overloading will be avoided.


Optibelt VB classical V-belts are employed primarily as replacements on industrial drives.

For new drives, It is almost always recommended that wedge belts be specified for reasons 

of space and cost. However, special drives, such as V-flat, often can only use classical V-belts. with special application. Optibelt VB classical V-belts tackle difficult drives in the field of garden appliances, specifically in the field of agricultural machinery construction. For these applications special belt constructions may be necessary. It is not possible within this manual to describe all of the special constructions or the calculation data applicable to them. It is therefore requested that all details of such drives are forwarded to our application engineering department for calculation and recommendation.